Sappho Women

International Eressos Women's Festival
5 - 19 September 2015

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Alternative Fashion Show

Alternative Fashion Show

Two weeks on non-stop fun. From the massive opening night party to the final night event, the Festival is an explosion of colour, culture and fun. We need you to sign up for events like the Alternative Fashion Show! Join in and strut your stuff on the catwalk..


Are you ready!

It is mid-summer in Eressos and the small beach town is getting ready for hundreds of friends to arrive for the 2015 Festival!.

September is light and sweet in Skala Eressos. It is time for the town to fill up with women from all over the world for the festival to celebrate women’s desire for other women. Join the age-old lesbian pilgrimage to the birthplace of the lyric poet Sappho. These two weeks are filled with the crystal blue waters, balmy nights dancing under the stars and lazy days at the tail of summer. It is time to party, dance, paint, write, eat, take long walks and share strange adventure and midnight kisses..

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Lesvos Island

A jewel in the Aegean Sea

Incomparable natural beauty, rich history, culture and tradition.

Skala Eressos

A unique village on Lesvos Island

Renowned world wide as the birthplace of the female poet and teacher, Sappho.

Getting Here

Connections with Flights & Ferries

Lesvos Island is connected to the mainland of Greece through flights and ferries.

Holiday Packages

Accommodation, Flights & Transfers

Holiday Packages are offered throughout the entire summer season.

Your opportunity to:

Join in events, make new friends, network and meet women with exciting new ideas, learn new skills & share your own talents.

And a lot of simple fun with a taste of Greek culture!

The International Eressos Women's Festival is a life changing experience. No woman will leave Skala Eressos without knowing more about herself and the impact of women in the world around them.

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Get Involved & Participate!

The annual two week festival provides the opportunity for local and international musicians, artists, performers, entertainers, scholars and therapists to share in the practice, performance and appreciation of women’s talents in all its forms and with enthusiasts of all ages.

About Us - Sappho Women

Making a difference in the world of equality and visibility of women

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved too


Art Exhibitions

At the town hall in Skala Eressos, with local & international artists

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Excursions & Trips

Lesvos Island has incredible beauty to offer, explore by boat, jeep or on foot

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Parties, Club Nights & DJs

Enjoy Skala Eressos night life, till early morning

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Seminars & Workshops

Learn new skills & share talents, while being on holiday

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Contribute your talents to our festival

Open Invitation for DJs, performers, musicians, artists and other creative women.


Join our team of enthusiastic women

Please get in touch if you think you can help!


All donations are appreciated

Support the continued development and growth of our festival.

Marketing & Promotion

Help us get the word out on the street

We welcome anyone willing to help!.

Festival Line-Up 2015

We're proudly presenting you with our first selection of confirmed live performances and DJs at the 2015 festival

Entries are still being added and updated (July 2015) so do check back to our website often!

DJs, performers, musicians, artists and other creative women are warmly invited to contribute their talents to the performances/entertainment program during the International Eressos Women's Festival.

Live Performances DJs & Parties

Available as paperback or e-book!


A Girl's Guide To Lesbos

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